LaKra Mountain.Barbecue

Show-Barbecue at 1.200 m

The experience takes place in front of a fascinating mountain backdrop at the Bifeis hut. For this unique show barbecue in noble and stylish LaKra barbecue bowls, the grill master transforms the barbecue area on the mountain into a culinary island of pleasure. A saxophonist plays as the grill master turns the fresh, alpine ingredients of the highest quality into several small, fine dishes. Torches, fire baskets and lanterns provide romantic lighting for the open-air scenery.

Program Show-Barbecue

Eat, drink, relax and enjoy time and moments together that touch all the senses. The show barbecue in Altenmarkt at the Bifeis hut takes you on a special kind of taste journey. And this is what awaits you:

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