Marketplace, Altenmarkt

Farmer's Market

Every Friday at o'clock
Farmer's Market


Marktplatz, AT-5541 Altenmarkt-Zauchensee

Rosi Unteregger
Phone +43 664 79 74 016
Traditional Farmer's Market with farmer‘s produce, home-made specialities from in and around Altenmarkt.
The whole year round. Exception: 28.12. - 4.1. and when the friday is a public holiday!

When local farmer Rosi Unteregger started the weekly market 25 yeras ago, she made fresh natural regional products her priority. It remains so today, because our stall holders are mainly farmers. The range has become more extensive as alongside flowers, fruit and vegetables you can find fresh beef and pork, game an poultry, eggs, butter, bacon and regional specialites from black pudding to bratwurst as well as olive oil, honey, herbal teas, fresh breads and pastries. Rosi Untereggers speciality is goat´s cheeses, which she produces on her own farm in Altenmarkt.
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