Fancy a streetstepper tour?

On the road in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee: Only floating is more beautiful

Dynamic through Altnmarkt-Zauchensee: Combine the effectiveness of running with the dynamics of cycling on the Streetstepper. Train in the fresh mountain air during your summer holiday in an optimal biomechanical position at a low heart rate. The interplay of upright posture and impact-free stepping movement makes this outdoor sport so special. Coordination and body balance are trained and a large part of the muscle groups of the musculoskeletal system are exercised and activated.



A Streetstepper is similar to a bicycle. The only difference to an ordinary bicycle is that you don't sit but "stand" upright on the bike. The combination of an upright posture and a shock-free stepping movement makes this outdoor sport so special.

Provider & Booking: OCT Outdoor Consulting Team, +43 664 301 20 07

A tour on the Streetstepper takes about 1 hour.