Stand Up Paddling in SalzburgerLand

Stand up, paddle and glide smoothly across the water and just feel the power of nature.

Stand Up Paddling is a wonderful way to feel at one with nature and feel its calming effect during your summer holiday in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee. Here, as you glide across the water at your own pace, you need to keep your balance on the SUP board and exercise all your muscles at the same time.

It looks a little like stand-up paddlers striding across the water, but in fact, they are balancing on a flat board on the cool water. All it takes is a little bit of practice to glide over the surface of the water as elegantly as possible. However, you will need to show dexterity and sense of balance to adapt to the movement of the water. Unlike sailing or surfing, you can practise this trendy water sport without wind and waves. But with stronger winds and waves, Stand Up Paddling definitely becomes more exciting and of course, a little bit bumpier. Falling into the water is just part of it!

Das Beste daran: Sie bestimmen selbst, ob Sie es athletisch-flott oder meditativ-gemütlich angehen lassen. Auch für einen Familienurlaub im SalzburgerLand ist ein SUP-Tag eine tolle Idee, denn die Kleinen beweisen oft große Könnerschaft auf dem SUP-Board und haben jede Menge Spaß dabei.