Stand Up Paddeling in SalzburgerLand

Glide standing over the water and feel the power of nature

A wonderful way to feel at one with nature during your summer vacation in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee and consciously feel its calming power is Stand Up Paddling. While gliding across the water at your own pace, you continuously balance yourself on the SUP board and train your whole body.

It looks a little like stand-up paddlers striding across the water, but in fact they are balancing on a flat board on the cool water. All it takes is a little practice to glide across the surface of the water as elegantly as possible. You will soon have adapted to the movements of the water and can demonstrate dexterity and a sense of balance. Unlike sailing or surfing, you can practice this trendy water sport even without wind and waves. With stronger waves and wind, SUPpen becomes a shakier but all the more exciting experience. Falling into the water for a change is simply part of it!

The best thing about it: You decide for yourself whether you want to go athletic and fast or meditative and leisurely. A SUP day is also a great idea for a family vacation in SalzburgerLand, because the little ones often prove great skill on the SUP board and have a lot of fun doing it.


Frequently asked questions

As part of the Magic Mountains Club Village in Zauchensee, stand-up paddling is also part of the activity programme. SUP is also offered at the Rohrsee in Flachauwinkl.

Children from the age of 8 are already allowed to stand up paddle.

At the Rohrsee in Flachauwinkl you can rent a board and paddle.