Salzburger Summit Challenge

Seven peaks - Seven unique hiking experiences are waiting for you…

The Salzburger Summit Challenge - over 55 km and 5,500 metres ascent - takes you to the most beautiful seven peaks in the Salzburger Sportwelt. All summit tours to the “benevolent Queen and her six noblemen” will surprise you with their stunning views, surprising messages and rituals, making them an unforgettable hiking experience.

Season 2021: Sat 12 June – Sat 24 September

The Salzburger Summit Challenge: this is how it works

The Salzburger Summit Challenge invites you to climb the seven most beautiful peaks of the Salzburger Sportwelt. Whoever wants to head off on this hiking adventure to the Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen, picks up their personal “summit box” from the local Tourist Office with a drinking mug, tour book and hiking map. In the tour book, you’ll find interesting information about the peaks as well as something to get you thinking on the way, but there’s space for your own notes as well. At each summit, a book is waiting for you, which explains the respective ritual and is waiting for you to add your own personal entry. The idea behind the Salzburger Summit Challenge is simple: each peak has a story to tell and has a special wise message for you. Whoever heads off to the quiet giants, on the one hand, gets to know the beautiful mountain scenery, and at the same time, experiences nature in a playful way. This is what turns a family holiday into a fairy tale.

The seven villages, which make up the Salzburger Sportwelt: Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben, Filzmoos, Flachau, Radstadt, St. Johann and Wagrain-Kleinarl.

The powerful Queen and her wise advisers were turned into stone a long time ago. But the seven mountains: Bischofsmütze, the Queen of the peaks, Hochgründeck, Lackenkogel, Penkkopf, Saukarfunktel, Rossbrand and Gerzkopf still remind us of the old legends.

The tours are easy to intermediate, so they can tackled easily by adults and children. There are no climbing passages or exposed spots.

On every summit, there is a special ritual waiting for the hiker, which tells us about the personal specialities of the Queen and the individual knights, as well as their message to us humans today.

Die weiteren Gipfel des Salzburger Gipfelspiels: