Path of the moon with observatory


At more than 20 interactive stations, the themed circular route “Path of the Moon” tells you a lot about the topics “Science & the Moon” as well as “Moon Myths” and invites you to join in and try them out.

The roughly 4 km long circular route “Path of the Moon” starts in the centre of Zauchensee, the World Cup village, at the Welcome Gate, which you pass through to enter the World of the Moon. Even if you’re on holiday with your children in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, you should try out the themed path, which winds its way around Lake Zauchensee and through the neighbouring forest. Whilst older children can expand their knowledge about the moon, the small ones can join in on an off-road pram. Walking time: approx. 2 hours

More than 20 interactive stations along the Path of the Moon tell you scientific and mystical facts about the solar system. Some even invite you to try things out, such as moon gymnastics or massage so you can feel what effect the orbs have on your body. View the galaxy and the stars through the telescope from the observatory on the banks of Lake Zauchensee. Depending on the phase of the moon, you can also collect certain herbs in the moon crater garden, and let your children play in the moon playground while you’re doing that.

Car parking: Park at the start next to the Felser or Garnhof hut.

Refreshments: The Garnhof and Felser hut in Zauchensee offer regional specialities.

Sterne.Schauen Führung am Mondweg