Off the slope

If your children and you feel in your element on ice and snow, then Altenmarkt-Zauchensee also offers plenty of fun and action off the slopes for your winter vacation.


Enjoy the landscape from a completely different perspective and discover the slowness. At less than 5 kilometers per hour, the quiet but at the same time powerful horses pull the sled through the pristine snowy landscape. Driving even has a positive effect on the health and fitness of the animals.


Varied and playful technique training in a specially prepared area - that's what the Nordic course offers. Children and young people can train and try out the various stations together with the state-certified cross-country skiing and biathlon coach, Roland Loipold. (Tuesdays, Thursdays)


Get to know the peaceful Andean camels on this guided walk in Altenmarkt and then discover that each cloven-hoofed animal has a mind of its own: from gentle, patient to proud, curious or even full of life. Fun for the whole family. (Tuesdays)


Let the day end on ice skates. Look forward to an evening under the open sky at the ice rink in Altenmarkt. Once a week there is the for children and teenagers with suitable, age-appropriate playlist. (Saturdays)


Skill is required when it comes to collecting points in curling. Whether in a team or individually, lots of fun is also guaranteed, and the exercise in the fresh winter air is good for body and soul.