Path of the Moon with observatory


The "Moon Trail" themed circular route offers amazing prizes on the topics of "Science & the Moon" and "The Myth of the Moon" at more than 20 interactive stations around the Zauchensee and invites you to join in and try things out.

The almost 4 km long circular trail "Moon Trail" begins in the center of the World Cup town of Zauchensee at the welcome gate, through which you enter the world of the moon. Anyone holidaying with children in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee should try out the themed trail that meanders around Lake Zauchensee and through the adjacent forest: while the older siblings expand their knowledge of the moon in amazement, the little ones simply ride along in the all-terrain pram.

Walking time: approx. 2 hours

The more than 20 interactive stations along the moon trail provide information about mystical and scientific facts about the moon. But some also invite you to join in and try things out: You can feel the influence of the celestial body on the body, for example thanks to moon gymnastics or massages. Through the telescope of the observatory on the shore of the Zauchensee you can look at the starry sky, in the garden of the moon crater you can collect certain herbs depending on the phase of the moon. Meanwhile, the children are playing in the moon playground.

Parking: Parking is available at the starting point at the Felserhütte and Garnhofhütte.

Stop off on the Path of the Moon: The Garnhofhütte and Felserhütte in Zauchensee invite you to regional delicacies.

Telescopic star tour at the observatory on the moon path

Where are the heavenly bear paws?

Anyone who has ever stretched their head to the sky on a clear night can understand why so many people are interested in the fascinating world of astronomy. It was the same with Siegfried Hollinger, the planning master builder and enthusiastic "star guide" at the observatory in Zauchensee.

“First the stars appear in a shambles. But if you know your way around, you can recognize the distinctive constellations such as Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Leo, Orion and of course the planets such as Jupiter, Saturn and Mars,” Siegfried Hollinder tells us. "If you look through the telescope, you can already see structures on planets or distant galaxies and galactic nebulae."

After Siegfried Hollinger had dedicated himself to the dark night and its countless stars since his childhood and then gradually read into the matter, he also oversees the "Star Look" at the observatory in Zauchensee with the help of a 5 inch ED refractor and 10-inch Field Maksutov telescopes, he provides the sky freaks with basic knowledge so that they can later “read the sky like a book”.

We asked Siegfried Hollinger whether there had been any special events in the sky during your tour of the stars: "Yes, a bolide from the group of Geminids, that was a very bright shooting star that broke up into several individual parts, which was clearly visible as a result of entering the earth's atmosphere and lasted for minutes showed a trail of smoke.” And what is his dream: “A trip to the southern hemisphere!”.