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One of the most impressive traditions linked to the 12 days of Christmas is mysterious Rauch or Raunächten (smoke nights) that are between Christmas and 6th January, over New Year. At this time, even today, houses are “smoked” through with scented herbs and resins to bless them and bring luck into the house for the coming year.
We bring this tradition to life and invite you to escape from the bustle of the modern Christmas season. Step back into the world of myths with our wintery Smoking Foods “Get in touch with Nature" walk along the themed trail "Path of the Moon". On this magical walk, that has a really special atmosphere with its landscape in its winter clothing, an expert tells stories about our local incense and resins, and how and why you can work with smoke from herbs and resins.

It is clear that the smoking with certain herbs and resins influences our emotions and moods, at the same time strengthening the immune system and may even have healing properties. It also relaxes and promotes concentration. Earlier, food was mainly smoked with juniper, rosemary, sage or thyme. Sometimes sandalwood, spruce and cedar were used. The best-known and most popular incenses are frankincense and myrrh.

Let yourself be enchanted by the scents and the power of smoking on the body, mind and soul.

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