Canyoning Adventures

Abseil down through the most beautiful gorges in Salzburgs

The canyoning tours around Altenmarkt-Zauchensee take you into the Wiestal valley, one of the most beautiful gorges in the entire SalzburgerLand.

If you go canyoning, you’ll feel your body as you abseil, climb, jump, slide, swim, and dive through pure nature. With adrenaline kicks and aha experiences to boot. Well-equipped with a neoprene suit, helmet, shoes and life jacket, you’ll be given detailed instructions by an experienced guide before abseiling down into the gorge. The highlights of the canyoning tour through the Almbach Gorge certainly include the jumps from a height of 3 to 8 metres. And you’ll also have to master swimming and climbing passages as well. But don’t forget the natural slides and diving through small pools for that extra kick.